The inspiration behind The Blue Ginger cannot be fully explained without first sharing some aspects of Peranakan culture.

For Peranakans, the mark of a well-bred “Nonya”, or Straits Chinese lady, is measured by how well one cooks. Nyonya cooking combines both traditional Chinese and Malay techniques and ingredients – including a myriad spices, and is undoubtedly one of the most diverse and distinct of local cuisines.

With a spirit of modern philosophy, and one that defies usual Asian traditions, it is often the matriarch of the family who will gather the entire family to connect and bond over a mouth-watering spread of flavourful, aromatic and spicy dishes.

Prompted by these fond memories of hearty feasts at grandma’s, The Blue Ginger was conceived, driven by our desire to share this unique culture with everyone.

Today, the restaurant is owned and managed by a team who is passionate about preserving the heritage and tradition of Peranakan culture, and ensuring the concept remains relevant with the times by injecting a touch of modernity.

Our Promise

Hearty meals that bring you closer to the people you love

Our Menu

We create meeting places and warm spaces that kindle connections and encourage conversations, bringing people together and building relationships over hearty food.